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Reservation Dogs Find New Homes

Earlier in June, RedRover helped Lakota Animal Care to relocate nearly 30 "free ranging" dogs from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to partner shelters in the region.

The shelters involved pledged to keep the dogs until permanent homes could be found for them. The Oglala Sioux Tribe led this effort to find a humane, lifesaving solution to the Reservation's dog overpopulation problem.

The RedRover Responders volunteer team conducted the intakes, administered vaccinations, provided flea, tick and worm treatments for each dog prior to transportation. The volunteer-driven RedRover Responders (formerly the Emergency Animal Rescue Service or EARS) also shelter and care for animals displaced by natural disasters and other crises. Most recently they were in Moore, OK, to respond to the aftermath of the tornadoes there.

GreaterGood.org supports this ongoing project through the Gifts That Give More program.

Photo: Sue and Robin, RedRover volunteers, walk one of the dogs at the reservation prior to transportation to a new life.

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