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People to People Project aims at helping Laos

Bob Weller is the president of the People to People Project, an organization that is helping Laos through humanitarian means, according to a new report from Mr. Weller recounts an experience that he had in Laos in 2008, when a villager told him about the positive effects of humanitarian aid in his area.

"I asked the individual what was the most positive effect that this village had as a result of bringing clean water to them and he responded to me in English, which was really really rare: 'My children, no sick no more' ... that was the crowning moment," said Weller.

The People to People Project was started by Hmong residents of Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Laos has a population of about 6.48 million people, with a median age of 21 years old, according to the CIA. The capital city of Vientiane has a population of about 799,000 as of 2009. Laos is still a one-party Communist country, one of the few left in the world. The nation faces multiple infrastructure problems such as poor roads and limited telecommunications facilities.
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