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More Mothers Helped By Mercy Corps

Around the world, mothers struggle to raise their families in times of crisis. Whether it is war, floods, drought, or lack of resources, these women fight to create a better life for their children with the assistance of GreaterGood’s charitable partner Mercy Corps. supports Mercy Corps and their efforts to end poverty and hunger through the “Click To Give” program at The Hunger Site and Gifts That Give More.

Recently Mercy Corps published the photographs and stories of just a few of the mothers that they have helped on their website. With their permission, we are sharing these tales here:

Mothers Who Inspired Mercy Corps

Sri Lanka: Following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, when more than 35,000 people were killed and 450,000 displaced, Anushika found the strength to start over and launched her own business raising and selling tropical fish. Photo by Thatcher Cook for Mercy Corps

Democratic Republic of Congo: Conflict forced Nibashi, a 39-year-old widow and mother of five children, to live in an IDP camp. Mercy Corps provides clean water to the camp so her family no longer has to walk several hours each day to get water. Photo by Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Indonesia: In a country where the infant mortality rate remains achingly high, Umi leads one of Mercy Corps’ Mother’s Support Groups to educate fellow mothers about the benefits breastfeeding and proper infant care. Photo by Jennifer Dillan/Mercy Corps

Jordan: Najwah escaped Syria last year to keep her three small children safe after her husband was wounded in a bombing. They have very little, but are grateful to have found shelter in Jordan, where Najwah is determined to create a safe home for her family. Photo by Sumaya Agha/Mercy Corps.

Sudan: Decades of civil war displaced hundreds of thousands of Sudanese families. When Achich was finally able to return home with her son Maker, they lived in temporary housing constructed by Mercy Corps as they began their lives again. Photo by Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps
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