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Majority of Slovakia's humanitarian aid went to Haiti in 2010

Roughly one quarter of the total amount Slovakia spent on humanitarian aid last year went to helping Haiti cope with the ramifications of its January 2010 earthquake.

According to Radio Slovakia International, other material Slovakian aid went to countries such as Albania, Chile, Moldova, Pakistan, Saint Lucia and Montenegro. Ukraine also received flu vaccines and Hungary was sent sandbags to help resist flooding. Bratislava sent aid to Palestine, while residents of Kyrgyzstan received aid from Slovakian soldiers.

"We would welcome greater solidarity between EU member states and NATO. At the same time, we appreciate France's help with transporting humanitarian aid to Haiti and the cooperation with NATO in transporting humanitarian aid to Pakistan," Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Lubos Schwarzbacher told the news source.

Slovakia sent two rounds of aid to Haiti in January and February totaling nearly 400,000 euros. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs donated an additional 50,000 euros to UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations, according to the Slovak Spectator.
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