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Lifetime Donations To WLT-US Top $100,000 For Rainforests

In March, World Land Trust-US joined the ever growing group of nonprofits who have received $100,000 or more from GreaterGood.

“Each acre and square foot protected with GreaterGood's assistance makes a real difference on the ground for nature and for all of us,” said Dr Paul Salaman, WLT-US Chief Executive Officer. “Nothing speaks better to this than the results, which include thousands of acres of protected rainforests - not to mention the survival of countless species on the brink of extinction.”

GreaterGood's contributions to a WLT-US project in Colombia was instrumental in acquiring more than 1,727 acres in the Magdalena Valley. Today, the El Paujil Nature Reserve covers 6,935 acres and provides permanent protection for 100 pairs of the critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow, as well as habitat for the Magdalena Spider Monkey, Jaguar, Spectacled Bear, and extremely rare Magdalena race of the Lowland Tapir, Tapirus terrestris columbianus.

Currently, clicks at The Rainforest Site’s green button support such WLT-US projects as the preservation of the Atlantic forest in Serra Bonita (Brazil). Whether in Brazil, Caribbean Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, or elsewhere, WLT-US works with local organizations to purchase and conserve lands that are extremely high in biodiversity.

“We're proud to work with an innovative organization like GreaterGood, whose commitment has been absolutely essential in saving these vulnerable places,” said Dr Paul Salaman, WLT-US Chief Executive Officer.

Visitors can support these efforts to protect this area by clicking on the green "Click To Give" button at The Rainforest Site.

Photos of Serra Bonita in bloom taken by Dr Paul Salaman

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