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Keeping girls in school can be a team effort

RachaelRachael lives in Chongwe, a district located in Zambia’s Lusaka province.  Since the death of her father, this teenager has been responsible for helping her mother and sister supplement the family income.

Because Rachel is a Girls’ Education scholar, Room To Read's team in her district keeps an eye on her progress. When Rachael did not show up for the first two weeks of the 2011 school year, RFR's Social Mobilizers began looking for her to find out how they could help her stay in school.

After a full day of searching, the team discovered Rachael standing on the side of the road with her uncle selling bananas. After a week of continued home visits and mentoring, Rachael decided to re-enroll at school. Wanting to gain the skills needed to eventually support her family, Rachael also enrolled in RFR's life skills workshops.

Halfway through the school year, Rachael has stellar attendance and her grades and attitude towards school have both drastically improved.

The RFR team will keep working with Rachael and other students on scholarships to help them receive all the support that they need to succeed.

GreaterGood.org supports Room To Read's efforts to provide education around the world through contributions from The Literacy Site and the Gifts That Give More [™] program.

Photo of Rachael courtesy of Room To Read

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