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Job creation in northern Sri Lanka could get residents back on their feet

Private investments that will create jobs in Sri Lanka's conflict-ridden north are the only way to help those in the area get back on their feet, IRIN reports.

Those in the former war zone of Vanni have seen the beginnings of multiple development projects such as creating new homes, though no new jobs have come out of it. This has left many in food security crises. The news outlet reports that as much as 30 percent of the population in the north is unemployed. The national unemployment rate is only about 5 percent.

"In an environment where [funding] resources are likely to be constrained. We need to look at how we can achieve a sustainable system," Douglas Keh, country director for the UN Development Programme, told the publication. "There are large companies like hotel chains, agri-businesses and supermarkets that can clearly benefit from investing in this region."

From the new jobs, humanitarian groups and government officials hope that the people of the north will be able to start a new life through being able to afford what they need to survive.

"Jobs created by private investments will help in a major way to get these people out of the dependence syndrome and the sense of short-termism that prevails among them," Keh added.
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