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Humanitarian concerns in Burundi center on food security

Burundi has been plagued by civil war, La Nina and now growing food deficits and malnutrition rates, according IRIN News.

"If we do not pay special attention to feeding people, what may happen is that those people, because of poverty, can develop negative coping mechanisms with the risk of being easily enrolled in armed groups or bandits. This is a situation we can avoid; this is the main worry we have in this country today," Jean–Charles Dei, humanitarian coordinator for Burundi, told the news source.

There was some recent good news for Burundi as Reuters reported on February 23 that Burundi's inflation rate had fallen from 6.3 percent to 4.8 percent, as of January 2011.

However, efforts to control inflation as well as stabilize food prices must continue or the inflation rate may rise again to 8 percent, as predicted by the International Monetary Fund, according to Reuters.

"The international community should pay attention to what is happening in Burundi because poverty and the huge effects of the social political crisis on the population could create social tension," said Dei.
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