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Hospitals in short supply after October 4 suicide bombing in Somali capital

Death tolls continue to rise in the capital of Somalia after a suicide bombing on October 4. Doctors and nurses are running out of medical supplies as more people come in needing aid, IRIN reports.

The death toll from the explosion by an Al-Shabab suicide bomber has risen to more than 100, while countless others are suffering from injuries. The bomber drove a truck loaded with explosives into a government compound in Mogadishu.

"Most of the injured who were brought in needed oxygen but we only have four supply sources," Dunio Ali Mohamed, head of the medical department at Medina Hospital, told the publication. "Every ward should have the ability to hook them [oxygen bottles] up but unfortunately we don’t have enough."

Humanitarian groups like the International Committee of the Red Cross have since stepped in to supply crucial drugs and medications to those suffering. However, many of the burn victims require special treatment that isn't available at the local hospitals despite local workers' best efforts. Many haven't stopped working since the attack took place.

"There are enough doctors but we are very short on equipment and space," Ali Muse, head of the city's ambulance services, told the news outlet.
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