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Food banks provide more than food

Food banks provide more than food to help people recover after natural disasters. Following devastating flooding in their region in May, the Mississippi Food Network received urgent requests for cleaning supplies to help people move back into their homes as the waters began to recede.

Using a $9,000 grant from, MFN purchased paper goods and other supplies for a “disaster warehouse” in Vicksburg.

More than 10,432 people received help in the Vicksburg and Yazoo flood area in May 2011.

In times of disaster, supports organizations like MFN through the Gifts That Give More program. Throughout the year, also provides grants to Feeding America and its affiliates through the “Click Here To Give” program at The Hunger Site.

Learn more about how MSN has helped its state for the last 25 years:

September is Hunger Action Month. To help Feeding America support food banks throughout the United States, click here.

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