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Food bank's help still needed in Joplin

In May 2011, the tornado that hit Joplin, MO, left nearly 30% of the population (50,000 people) displaced. The nearest food bank, Ozarks Food Harvest, began distribution of supplies immediately, processing more than 1 million pounds in the first week -- an amount more typically distributed in a month.

But the relief efforts didn’t end there. This fall, the organization continues to send daily truckloads of food and other supplies as Joplin begins to rebuild. For many families struggling to find jobs and new homes, these trucks provide essential help as shown in this NBC news video.

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Ozarks Food Harvest received a direct donation of more than $11,000 from earlier this year. supports Feeding America’s network of food banks through contributions from The Hunger Site and the Gifts That Give More [tm] program.

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