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Flooding in Cambodia causes food insecurity

Continued flooding in Cambodia may cause food security issues well into the future months, IRIN reports.

Severe flooding has damaged 17 of Cambodia's 24 provinces and has killed 247 people. Nearly 340,000 families have been evacuated and more than 200,000 acres of rice fields - nearly 10 percent of the country's total harvest - have been destroyed.

According to the National Committee for Disaster Management, 1,000 schools have been damamaged and more than 2,400 kilometers of roads. Many believe these floods will far surpass the flooding of 2009 that resulted in $161 million in damages.

The Red Cross has responded by delivering 20-kilogram bags of rice to affected families, though this won't last them very long.

"Soon they will be out of food again and will have to purchase food on credit unless they receive more aid," Leh Smah, a resident of the Chhoer Teal Plun Village, told the publication.

Prime Minister Hun Sen recently announced that the government and international humanitarian groups are working to create $100 million to put toward relief efforts, though no details have been released regarding where the aid will be given. 
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