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Farmer-to-farmer volunteers honored at USAID

Following the recent jumpstart of USAID's Feed the Future initiative, four volunteers were honored at its Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Appreciation ceremony for their impressive contributions to the fight against hunger in global communities.

Dr. Peder Cuneo, Dr. Roger Ellis, W. Kirk Miller and Gary Mutz were the honorary volunteers, who contributed to a variety of projects this year including those involving livestock care and agribusiness in the Middle East as well as North and West Africa.

Feed the Future was launched in May as part of the U.S. promise at last year's G-8 summit of a $3.5 billion investment in agricultural development.

Farmer-to-Farmer is another one of USAID's projects, which helps streamline the efficiency of tax aid dollars.

Gregory Gottlieb, an overseer of Feed the Future, said that "the two FTFs - 'Farmer-to-Farmer' and 'Feed the Future' - have a lot more in common than just our acronym. Together, we are working to lift people out of poverty through agriculture-led development."

The initiative was started in an effort to help rural farmers develop self-sufficiency and decrease their dependence on donor aid, a third of which gets wasted due to shipping costs and logistics, according to a recent U.N. report.
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