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Famine in the Horn of Africa predicted to continue well into December

The food security crisis in the Horn of Africa shows no sign of stopping, and the UN fears that the problem will soon spread to all of southern Somalia, IRIN reports.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) found that that the famine is likely to continue at least over the next three to four months and could get worse if proper aid isn't brought to those in the most need, according to the news outlet.

"If access for humanitarian aid and workers to the worst-affected areas of Somalia does not improve, continued flows of refugees to the Kenyan and Ethiopian borders can be expected," OCHA said in a press release.

Although humanitarian groups are trying to give out supplies as fast as possible, the funding for purchasing food, medicine and makeshift shelters has almost doubled since the beginning of the drought. UN agencies reported that $2.48 billion is now needed, but only $1.5 billion has been contributed thus far.

Currently, over 12 million people are in need of help across the region, and according to OCHA that number could rise by 25 percent over the next few months.

"Malnutrition remains a major concern in Dolo Ado. There is a 30 percent severe acute malnutrition rate in new arrivals," Fatoumata Lejeune-Kaba, the UNHCR spokesperson told the news outlet.
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