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Education programs help stop trafficking

GreaterGood.org's charity partners know that identured servitude or slavery is a constant threat to girls around the world. Two Gifts That Give More [tm] featured at The Literacy Site and other GreaterGood Network websites allow donors to give practical help to stop this practice and ensure a better future for these young women.

In Burma's impoverished border regions, children, usually young girls, are the main victims of trafficking and abuse through domestic servitude, forced and bonded labor, commercial sexual exploitation, and the sale of "wives" to men in China.

Supporting Community Partners International's efforts to move Burma's girls into school and keeping them there, as well as improving women's health, helps create economic opportunities for young women and their families. In turn, this reduces the need to sell children into domestic service or worse.

Currently Community Partners International supports more than 57,000 girls and women in schools and training programs. The “Save A Girl From Trafficking” Gift That Gives More of $25 available at The Literacy Site supports a girl in Burma in school for an entire semester, including books and fees, helping to keep her safe from trafficking.

Another Gift That Gives More “Liberate Girls from Indentured Servitude” supports the efforts of Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) and its founder, Olga Murray, to provide a creative, humane alternative for those families forced by poverty to sell their daughters.

Indentured as young as the age of six as dishwashers in teahouses or bonded servants in private homes, these girls rarely receive an education and often end up forced into prostitution by lack of other prospects.

By compensating the families for their daughters' lost wages and by supporting the girls as they attend school, NYF is able to keep children at home in the Dang District of western Nepal. A Gift of $50 at The Literacy Site brings a girl home to live with her family and pays her school expenses for six months. $100 pays these expenses for a year, while $350 rescues a girl and supports her education for six years, so that she can graduate from the 10th grade and have the necessary tools to support herself.

Since NYF launched of this program seven years ago, almost 3,000 young girls have been taken out of indentured servitude and reunited with their families

The GreaterGood Network creates Gifts That Give More™ completely free of charge for selected charities. No administration fees or other fees are charged for participation in the program.

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