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Ducky And NCIS Friends Swim Free

Fans of the popular show NCIS will recognize Ducky, Gibbs, Abby, McGee, and other names given to sea lion patients of Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

This year’s batch of stranded pups has reached epic portions, but the staff at Pacific Marine Mammal Center continue to take in, rehabilitate, and release dozens of pups each month. Currently they have more than 150 “patients” in the nursery -- each with their own unique name and, according to the staff, very definite personality.

Most of the pups start out on a “fish formula” of fish, electrolytes, warm water, vitamins, and medications. Once they are hydrated and stable, the staff switches feeding them whole fish. At “fish school,” the staff builds up the skills that pups need to survive in open water.

Ducky, Gibbs, and the rest of NCIS set were among the early arrivals this year. After months of care, they reached optimal weight and were competing normally for food. The now tagged NCIS pups were returned to the ocean at the end of March.

Photo of Ducky upon arrival courtesy of PMMC.   

Want to provide a meal for one of PMMC’s current patients? Give a Gift That Gives More at The Animal Rescue Site.

Ducky, Gibbs, and Lucca go home:


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