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Continued violence in Yemen leaves many concerned about a civil war

Yemen's once-peaceful fight for democracy has now turned violent. As the death toll grows, many are fearful that a civil war could break out, IRIN reports.

In 2006, the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) began their fight to get President Saleh out of office. What began as protests and citizens speaking their mind has now become a heated war between government officials and the opposing group.

"We fear that violence may put an end to the emerging democratic experience Yemen has seen since 1993," Mujeeb Abdurrahman a political scientist at Hodeidah University told the news source.

Humanitarian groups like the UN also feel that if something is not done soon, even bigger problems will arise.

"Yemen’s political leaders have two options: either to reach an agreement accepted by all to start necessary steps for a practical transition period, or to face collapse and "Somalization" of the country," Jamal Bin Omar, UN Envoy to Yemen said in a press release.

It was reported that on July, 30, 2011, over 250 people were killed in a clash between Republican Guards and the JMP, the news outlet reports.

Not only is the fear of violence plaguing the country, the economy is also suffering. The country has lost $13 million over the last six months and the number of poor residents has risen from seven to nine million, according to the local Studies and Economic Media Centre.
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