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Conditions worsen for town of Tog-Wajale on border of Somalia and Ethiopia with no access to water

Lack of access to fresh water in the town of Tog-Wajale, which borders the republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia, is growing more dangerous for residents. IRIN reports that the Somaliland side of Tog-Wajale has not had an official water supply since 1995. Because of this, residents are forced to purchase clean water from vendors, though prices have grown increasingly high. 

"One barrel of water [200 litres] was only 20 [Ethiopian] birr [$1], but the price has now reached about 50 Ethiopian birr [$2.5]," Ahmed Jama Weirah, a father of seven in Tog-Wajale, told the publication. "We can't provide for our families... because our earnings are not enough to provide food and water."

The news outlet reports that many pastoralists have moved their livestock out of the town in order to try and find water elsewhere to keep their animals alive. For many, livestock is their main source of income and without healthy animals, they fear food security troubles for their families.

As conditions worsen, there is some hope on the horizon. The European Union has declared that it will fund a water project in the town that is set to be completed in 2015. For now, local humanitarian groups are working to supply residents with fresh water. 
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