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Children and the Famine in Africa

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As the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Africa grows it becomes more and more clear that it is the children who are hardest hit. The British government reports that over 400,000 children are in imminent danger of dying from malnutrtiion and, with the famine expected to drag on till after the first of the year, many thousands more beyond that.

There are ways you can help.

Click for FREE on The Hunger Site to provide 1.1 cups of food to starving people in Africa
Make a donation of $15 or more to our Gift that Gives More. Every penny of your donation goes to Mercy Corps, our charity partner on the ground in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia providing emergency food, clean water, and medical attention. They're also helping to install infrastructure so that the people of east Africa can better help themselves. CLICK HERE to make your tax deductible donation.


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