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Breaking the cycle: bringing girls home in Nepal

Nepal Youth ProgramOn March 8, as part of International Women's Day, organizations around the world are discussing how to break the cycle of violence and poverty that hurts millions of girls every year.

Through prostitution and child marriage, millions of girls are virtually sold into slavery by desperate families. They, in turn, grow up with little or no hope of improving their lives or the lives of their daughters.

Today, The Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) brings hope to these girls by providing what should be every child's birthright: education, housing, medical care, and loving support. Through an innovated program, they buy back girls out of indentured servitude.

Another NYF program, the Nutritional Rehabilitation Home (NRH), helps improve the lives of children living with Nepal by giving their mothers basic education in nutritional childcare. Mothers live with their children at the NRH during the course of treatment, usually about five to six weeks. While they rehabilitate the children, they also educate their mothers in how to prepare nutritious meals using foods readily available in rural Nepal. The mothers are also instructed in how to pass on their knowledge to other mothers after they return to their villages.

After the mother and child are discharged, field workers follow up in the villages to check on the child's health and to ensure that the mother is not only practicing what she has learned but is also educating other women in the community about nutrition and other good child care practices. supports the efforts of NYF to improve the lives of the women of Nepal through the Gifts That Give More [tm] program.

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