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Bina Sunwar with Get Paper Industry

After Bina Sunwar’s husband abandoned her and her children, she was faced with a difficult road. Raised in her home country of Nepal, Bina was from a lower social caste and had never been to school. Undereducated and regarded as “untouchable” due to her status as a single mother, the prospect that she could find a job to support her family was daunting.

Bina found more than a job with Get Paper Industry in 1994; she found reason to hope for the future with their “Send Your Daughter Campaign.” Considered one of the most important social programs of GPI/GWP, this campaign provides scholarships to help send disadvantaged children like Bina’s daughters Maya and Mamta to school. She was determined that her children would not face the same difficulties a lack of education had burdened her with.

As of 2012, Maya is 24, doing her post-graduate work in management, while Mamta is nearing completion of her own degree in management. Both are optimistic about their future and deeply respect their mother’s strong commitment to providing them with an education. They claim that now it is their turn to support her.

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