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Ayden learns to love toys

Ayden at LekotekThrough play sessions at Lekotek, five-year-old Ayden is able to incorporate sensory stimulation, fine motor skills, building of self esteem and increase his attention span through play.

Ayden's mom states that the biggest benefit for him is learning to try new toys. In the environment provided by Lekotek, Ayden is willing to try anything at least once, such as vibrating toys, ones that make loud noises, and fuzzy toys.

As a parent, Ayden's mom sees what toys her son enjoys and what toys he does not. This allows the family to save a lot of time and money on toys and games and put those resources to Ayden's needs and that of his siblings. Through the toy lending part of Lekotek, the family is allowed to take home new recreational toys so they can all play together.

Through the support of The Autism Site and the Gifts That Give More [tm] program, is able to provide grants to underwrite Lekotek sessions for children like Ayden and their families.

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