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A New Pair of Shoes Protects More Than The Feet

Tim Kunin, CEO of GreaterGood, Lynn Peterson, Director of Media Outreach at, Michelle Schechtman, Handmade/Fair Trade Buyer from GreaterGood, and Leah Davis Ewart, a GreaterGood intern, traveled to Haiti this spring to visit nonprofit partners and artisan/fair trade companies. It was a chance to see first hand what clicks, shopping, and donations can do in a country still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake.

“Our itinerary was meticulously scheduled to the minute, sun-up to sun- down, to ensure that we would be able to visit as many local artisans and humanitarian groups in Haiti as possible,” said Peterson, who took the photographs in this slideshow.

One of the highlights of the trip for all was joining Soles4Souls staff to help distributed more than 150 pairs of shoes to Haitian students at the Prodev Zorange School. The schools are part of the “Kay Timoun” (Children’s Haven in Creole) that provide free education.

“I was really impressed,” said Peterson, “because free education is the key to truly rebuilding Haiti. It’s surprising how many parents can’t send their children to school just because they can’t afford the few dollars it would take for tuition, school supplies and uniforms.”

Shoes also are important for protecting the children’s health. “Many diseases are picked up from walking around barefoot,” said Peterson. “It’s amazing how much just a simple pair of good shoes can drastically change the health of a child.”

To learn more about how to support GreaterGood’s efforts in Haiti to create a better future for its children, visit The Hunger Site.

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