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A Child's Right launches new tracking website

In October,’s charitable partner A Child’s Right (ACR) launched a new web-based platform for accountability and transparency. Called ProvingIt,  the website not only tracks the installation of clean water systems at orphanages and schools, it also provides information on the long-term impact of these installations.

With a commitment to track the data for ten years after the initial installation, A Child Right’s founder Eric Stowe calls this "a giant step forward" in accountability for his program and, hopefully, an inspiration to others in the water relief sector to learn not only from the success but the failures.

"It really is radical: They are laying their successes and failures bare. At their website, donors, the public, ANYONE can check in on the status of all of their water projects around the world. You don’t have wait for an annual report to see that over 200,000 kids are getting clean drinking water," wrote nonprofit expert Elizabeth Jennings in her recent article about the new program.

In 2008, underwrote the installation of one clean water system as well as construction for a clean water station at Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

"The Cambodia project was, without question, our most successful project to date," said Stowe following its completion. Today that project serves more than 4,000 people monthly, including more than 2,300 children, numbers that can be verified instantly at ProvingIt. continues to support A Child’s Right and their clean water projects through the Gifts That Give More [tm] program. Recent donations from have paid for ACR water projects, like the one shown below, in Cambodia, China, Nepal, and Ethiopia.

a child's right and the Gonodaya school from a child's right on Vimeo.

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