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$350 million pledged for famine relief

African leaders pledged $351 million for famine relief at a fundraising conference in Addis Ababa, reports the Kampala, Uganda-based Daily Monitor.  The African Development Bank pledged $300 million, and African governments pledged an additional $51 million.

The Ghana News Agency reports that the assembled dignitaries heard from an unusual guest speaker:  11-year old Andrew Adansi-Bonnah, who has raised more than $6,500 for the crisis in the Horn of Africa by going door-to-door visiting office buildings in Accra, the Ghanaian capital.  

"This is a moment that mankind can touch lives," Adansi-Bonnah told the Associated Press. "There is no point for others to have so much to eat while others have nothing to eat. It is not right."  His ambitious goal:  to raise 20 million Ghanaian cedis – $13 million in U.S.  dollars– to help feed the hungry women and children he’s seen on TV and the Internet.

The UN has declared a declared famine in Somalia  and humanitarian emergencies in Kenya and Ethiopia, with more than 12 million people in need of immediate assistance.  Total funding needs are estimated at $2.4 billion; even with the today’s pledges from African countries, the funding gap is still over $700 million.

Clicks and purchases at TheHungerSite.com will be devoted 100% to African famine relief during the last two weeks in August.  Your actions are making a critical difference.  Funds go directly to Mercy Corps, with emergency responders on the ground in Kenya, delivering vital clean water to more than 200,000 famine victims; and to The Millenium Project working with Ethiopian villagers to irrigate arid farmland – the surest way to prevent the next famine.     

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