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2011 Accomplishments: Supplying books to kids

First BookGreaterGood.org gave more than $100,000 to groups providing literacy programs in the United States and worldwide in 2011.

While the greatest emphasis was on giving books to primary school children through such organizations as First Book and Room To Read, GreaterGood.org grants also provided secondary education for young women in Africa, India, and Central Asia through such nonprofits as CAMFED, Darfur Peace and Development Organization, and others.

A highlight of 2011 was the ability to underwrite an entire year’s worth of reading programs for an elementary school in Chicago. The SitStayRead grant, underwritten in part by support from The Economist Fund, provided children with books, tutors, visits from professionals encouraging them to read, and, to the delight of all the children, special sessions with trained dogs who listened to their efforts at reading aloud.

In 2011, GreaterGood.org gave more than $3.1 million to 111 charities operating in the United States and worldwide. Support for grants focused on literacy came from The Literacy Site, the Gifts That Give More [tm] program, and other donations.

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