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200 Iraqi families forced to flee after Iranian shooting attacks

Iranian assualts that have occurred over the past month have forced over 200 Iraqi families to flee their homes in fear of being attacked, IRIN reports.

The sudden outburst of gunfire left families little time to gather clothing, food or any other material items they may need to survive.

According to IRIN, the assaults are fueled by alleged Kurdish rebels from Iraq's Kurdish region. The rebel groups are presumed to be trying to establish an independent Kurdish state by forcing uninterested families out of the region, IRIN said.

“The villagers have suffered big losses as many of the orchards where they cultivate fruit and vegetables were burned and their cattle killed,” Hassan Abdullah Hassan, Mayor of Kalaat Diza, told IRIN.

Due to the impromptu move, those involved have been relying on makeshift shelters set up by relief humanitarians and local aid.

“They are living in bad conditions. They need everything. They need food, water and hygiene kits,” Hassan said.

Fighting may be getting worse. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders reported that they had taken control of three militant camps just inside the Iraq border, according to The National.

As the crisis continues, more aid is needed to give the displaced families a proper place to stay.
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